You're here for you

Yes, I mean to be blunt. Why? Because you're important. This is your time. You're here for you, no one else. One of the most important things you can do happens on your way to the location, while we're out there, and when we're on the way back. Get out of your head. People are going to look. Some are going to rush past. Others are going to stop and stare. But that doesn't matter because all they're doing is bearing witness to you. Yes, they're witnessing your moment. Mind over matter. Don't worry. You look amazing and I hope you feel amazing. Just focus on me and I'll focus on you and we'll have a blast getting your photoshoot done.

Embrace The Location

Thankfully, we were able to reserve this arcade for an hour before opening, so there was much more freedom of movement. When we're at the location, take the opportunity to embrace your surroundings and understand what works best for your needs and your portfolio (and communicate that with me). Embrace the location.

Embrace The Experience

The experience is the real reason why we're here. This is what we're taking pictures of. The experience is the art and the color and thing that makes it standout. And that's why it's imperative to have fun, relax, and just enjoy the time that we're out there.